January 23, 2009

Bridgestone Super Bowl XLIII TV Commercials - Preview "Taters" and "Hot Item"

Just saw a Bridgestone newsbreak come across my email. Check it out:

The excitement is building for Super Bowl XLIII as the two teams playing have
now been determined. The Arizona Cardinals will face the Pittsburgh Steelers
at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa on Sunday, February 1, 2009. The excitement and anticipation is also building for Bridgestone as “Super Bowl Sunday” will
be a great day for our brand. During the Super Bowl XLIII broadcast on NBC,
we will debut 2 new Bridgestone brand TV commercials and also be the
title sponsor of the Bridgestone Super Bowl Halftime Show featuring Bruce

The Super Bowl broadcast is consistently the single highest viewed TV program of the year and attracts a very diverse and passionate audience (over 100M viewers last year). Fans tune in to watch the game but many are as equally interested in watching the new and exciting TV commercials. The positive exposure for our Bridgestone brand will be huge during this big event.

The first new Bridgestone TV commercial is called “Taters” and will air at the end of the first quarter. The iconic Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head characters from Hasbro are prominently featured. The second commercial is called “Hot Item” and will air during the third quarter. This commercial takes place “out of this world.” We have created a website this year where you can go to view a 10 second “teaser” of these 2
commercials and a “behind the scenes” video of the actual filming of each.
Please feel free to visit this site at

"Tater" Screen Shot

"Hot Item" Screen Shot

January 12, 2009

One Year, One Post

Ok, pretty lame I admit. Over a year has passed since the last time I posted to this blog. In my defense Mr. Solether's brew supply has dried up. I wish I could fill this space with exciting beer reviews but Mr. Solether has continually rebuffed my suggestions for a new batch of brewing. How disappointing. Oh well, home brewing requires quite a bit of effort and time. Hopefully good brews will come to thee who wait.

On a positive note, I just looked at my blog statistics for 2008 and was astonished to find that this blog totaled a whopping 37 unique visitors and generated $0.82 worth of advertising revenue! Now that's super-fantastic! Well....I guess I didn't lose money and this turned out to be a much better investment than my 401K. Ouch.

Anyway, I just installed this fancy-dancy Google Video Ad player right smack dab in the middle of the blog. How annoying and intrusive, huh? I guess that's sort of the point though.

Oh well, be kind, and support your local blogger and brewery!!

December 11, 2007

Dusting Off the Blog

It's been about eight months since my last blog entry. Unfortunately, the brew supply has dried up. After continuously prompting Mr. Solether to get back in the kitchen he has tentatively agreed to work on a winter/holiday batch. Good things come to those who wait - I guess.

So anyway, stay tuned and check back in a few weeks. Hopefully I'll have a new review to submit.

Until then, enjoy the Holidays and feel free to post your own Brew Reviews!



April 17, 2007

Inhale the Pale Ale

Honey maple-syrup with golden yellow highlights when exposed to light – medium translucence.

Thick, rich and creamy head. Off-white in color and chunky in texture after oxidation. Slow to dissolve and an abundance of lacing - definitely an inviting look. Even after the majority of the head dissolves a small layer of whipped foam remains. As you take a drink and tip the glass back the remaining saucer-like foam floats in the glass inviting you to drink more.

The affect of this brew is apparent and intense. Carbonation was good and well balanced.

Fresh as usual. Rich texture with a smooth entry to the palate. Again, no shock, abrasion or tannin-like sensation to the palate. Robust finish with a distinct malty aftertaste.

Robust finish, yet well balanced.

Fresh. Malty. Intense. Clean.

Well done. Distinct flavor, rich texture and intense body make this beer memorable and unique. After-affects still to be determined. This brew packs a punch!! I like it!

March 31, 2007

Honey Brew Review - Coming Soon

I recently received word that Mr. Solether is ready to release his latest batch of homemade magic - Honey Brew. This will be the second batch of Honey that I've had the privilege to sample. It's been a good five months since the first Honey batch but I remember it well because it was my first taste of quality, crafted homemade beer.

For weeks after I tasted this beer I couldn't stop talking about it. It was like a new wonder of my world - a new luxury. Here's a quick summary of what really got me hooked enough to create a blog for this brew master.

Setting- Served from the fridge in a thick frosted handle-glass. Steve was almost giddy, like a kid showing you his baseball card collection. I could tell that he was proud of his creation - for good reason.

An orange-ish, golden hue with low translucence. Thick, rich and creamy head. This was one of the best characteristics of the beer. It was sort of like tasting a really well made foamy latte - that kind of smooth. Carbonation was good and balanced. Lacing was average.

Fresh from start to finish. No shock or abrasion to the palate. Smooth finish with a mild honey aftertaste.

Smooth, aromatic, mild, sweet and medium body.

Fresh. Sugary. Honey.

Excellent. One of the best beers I've ever tasted. Fresh and clean with distinct honey flavor and good balance. As I mentioned, each glass started out with a thick and creamy head.

Maybe I'm just a rookie and this is the way all home brews taste. What I know for sure is that it put all of the other beers I've ever tasted to shame.

So, Honey Brew Two is on its way and I'm looking forward to another special treat. Stay tuned...

March 28, 2007

How to Increase Traffic on a Blog

In an effort to increase the traffic on this blog I'm enlisting the services of

Here's a paragraph from the "Help section" that provides the rationale for going through this process. I'll use the URL for this post as food for the Technorati "search spiders." You can find out more about this service by visiting their website which is listed below.

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Technorati Profile

March 23, 2007

Cranberry Brew - 2-4-07

Setting- Served from the refrigerator in a tall pilsner glass.

Very dark brown with a reddish maroon hue. airy head. Possibly low on carb. Head doesn't last long, not thick. No "spider legs" or lacing.

Fresh. Clean. Thin. No bitter or sharp finish.

Slightly dry. Slight tart open. Smooth finish.

Fresh. Sugary. Honey. Coffee.

Good taste. Fresh boquet. Thin body. Slightly watery. Conflicting characterisitcs. Overall mild flavor and freshness.

Video - Honda - The Impossible Dream